In view of the high inflation, the opposition in the Bundestag is demanding greater relief for citizens. “The relief packages come far too late,” said CSU General Secretary Martin Huber WELT AM SONNTAG. They are not accurate and not sufficient.

“It would now be more important for citizens to reduce VAT and, above all, to relieve the burden on pensioners and students and to dynamically increase the commuter allowance when fuel prices rise,” Huber demanded.

The opposition believes that the nine-euro ticket for local public transport and the tax cuts on petrol and diesel are not enough. “While US President Joe Biden has made combating inflation one of his top issues, the Chancellor doesn’t even mention the word inflation,” criticized Jens Spahn, Vice President of the Union faction.

“In the short term, we need further relief for citizens, including income tax, keyword cold progression.” On the other hand, it would be poison to launch debt-financed programs to boost demand, says Spahn. “That fuels inflation even more.”

The governing party SPD does not rule out any measures. “We have to fear that this is just the beginning,” said the deputy leader of the SPD parliamentary group, Matthias Miersch. “Therefore, we have to ensure that energy, food and rent remain affordable for everyone. In doing so, we cannot allow ourselves any bans on thinking.”