Unión Española aims to rejoin the fight in pending match against La Calera

Unión Española and Unión La Calera will face off this Friday, starting at 19:00 (23:00 GMT), in a pending match from round 13 of the Championship, with the Spanish team looking to rejoin the fight and the Cementeros hoping to end their first round on a high note.

The reds from Independencia, playing at home in Santa Laura, currently have 24 points. If they secure their third consecutive victory, they will shorten the gap with league leaders Universidad de Chile to just five points.

On the other hand, La Calera is at the bottom of the table with only eight points. A win will not change their position in the standings, but it will allow them to get closer to second-to-last Cobreloa (14 points) and finish the first round with a victory.

The match will be officiated by referee Manuel Vergara.
You can follow all the details on the Virtual Scoreboard of Cooperativa.cl.