Although the Union is twice as popular as the SPD, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is confident: Regarding a possible Union candidate for Chancellor Friedrich Merz, he said: “That would be fine with me.”

At an event organized by the Editorial Works of Germany (RND) in Potsdam on Saturday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) spoke about the upcoming federal election. Scholz did not see the fact that his policies were not well received by the people as a problem. Instead, he pointed out that the people had already changed their minds shortly before the election in 2021 and voted for the SPD.

His possible opponent, CDU leader Friedrich Merz, apparently doesn’t worry Scholz either. “That would be fine with me,” he said about Merz’s possible candidacy. The Union is currently about twice as popular among voters as the SPD.

Only recently an expert judged that Scholz’s re-election was becoming increasingly unlikely. The traffic light is losing more and more credibility every day, while opposing candidate Friedrich Merz is getting a better grip on his own party.

Many people are still annoyed about rising food prices. But now discounters and supermarkets are slashing prices for many popular foods. Experts are assessing how this will affect weekly shopping and whether this will mark the end of inflation.

Anyone who pays a lot in cash is exposed to a certain health and hygiene risk. The Sparkasse points this out and urges caution. Because the means of payment in any form is always a haven for numerous bacteria and germs