Unique statistics: mortality from COVID-19 in Russia remains the lowest in the world

Rosstat summed up the preliminary results on the impact of the pandemic on the statistics in Russia, primarily mortality rates. There are data for the country as a whole and separately for each region. How do they compare with statistics for the past year and evidenced?

it looks like the statistics for April, when the country was faced with a dangerous infection: 1660 times COVID-19 was the main cause of death; slightly more than 1000 cases, when the virus was related but not fatal disease. He could either hasten death, or does not affect him.

“So we and across the country, and the regions have identified four groups of the dead who had COVID-19 or was suspicious. Each of the groups has its own designation and status. You may have a desire to add them up, but it’s completely different data,” explains the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov.

However, even if you combine and fold all fatal cases, the percentage of mortality from infection in Russia remains one of the lowest in the world. So detailed statistics on the coronavirus do not store anywhere in the world, I assure Rosstat. Only one of the tests is now doing in 139 times more than at the beginning of the pandemic.

“In the case when the cause of death — COVID-19 — already clearly identified, the mortality rate for April will amount to 1.4 percent. And even if all add up, it is 2.6 percent,” — said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

And that’s a big difference between the April data in different regions is easily explained. The capital region and took the first blow. By June the number of cases increased throughout the country. Two out of three new infections is now fixed in the regions.

“the Peak mortality may have, as we expected. You know, there is classification. When you die with a confirmed COVID-19. Is 506 in may, died, unfortunately, 900 — this is unconfirmed with the symptoms, plus 200 Chronicles; where COVID-19 impact" says the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

Russia passed the peak incidence. He fell on may 11. The increase of patients with the coronavirus fell 16 times, and 14 percent of Russians surveyed physicians found immunity to infection.

“the Vast majority were saved, but nevertheless from COVID-19, or rather from COVID-19? either in the clinical picture was visible, died 5200 is a high number. Of these, 2700 — directly from COVID-19, another part — from the fact that provoked”, — informs the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

By early summer, restrictions began to be removed in half of Russian regions. Completely forget about them will help working and safe vaccine. On its development in the country are now working ten institutions. By September the drug plan to produce on an industrial scale.