United Russia has opposed the collection of collectors of debts for housing and communal services

representatives of the party “United Russia” has opposed proposals to allow collectors to collect debts for housing and communal services.

Deputy of the state Duma Anna Kuvychko recalled that on the collectors and their working methods regularly receives complaints. She spoke for a discussion of this situation with the new composition of the government of the Russian Federation and participants of the housing market.

In turn, the city Duma Deputy Alexander Kozlov considers that it is unnecessary and not very promising.

“housing is a complex area that is finally beginning to gain a positive image, again to throw her shadow thus again cause a negative society does not need” — said Kozlov.

It is suggested to develop methods that will encourage the Russians to pay bills on time and in full, reports TASS.

As previously reported, the collection Agency can afford to complete the work with the debts of citizens for utilities.