United Russia supported the candidacy mishustina for the post of Prime Minister

the Candidate for Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin met today with the deputies of the state Duma from “United Russia”. The faction unanimously supported his candidacy.

“the Decision, which was adopted: unanimously to support the candidacy of Mikhail mishustina, introduced by President Vladimir Putin,” — said the head of the faction Sergei Neverov, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

As reported by “Interfax” state Duma Deputy Viktor Vodolatsky, at the last meeting had not discussed the names of the Ministers of the future government, however, Mishustin noted that changes in the Cabinet will be.

In turn, the adviser of the speaker of the state Duma Anastasiya Kashevarova noted that the meeting Mishustin complained that he did not sleep all night.

the Candidacy of Michael mishustina for the post of Prime Minister was introduced by the President Vladimir Putin after Dmitry Medvedev announced the resignation of the government. Today the candidate will also meet with the factions of the liberal democratic party, the Communist party and “Fair Russia”. And after 14 hours the deputies will continue the discussion in the plenary. In order to Mishustin became the Prime Minister, shall require a simple majority of 226 votes of deputies. The head of the FNS spoke with legislators at a special meeting of the Board of the lower house of Parliament.