Unprecedented measures to support families will provide the Foundation for the development of the country

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

January 15, Russia’s President delivered the annual address to the Federal Assembly. Figuratively speaking, Putin pressed on the gas pedal in the sense that a significant part of the Message is direct instructions to the government to drastically increase public spending on support for families with children, more stimulating fertility. These proposals are aimed at combating poverty, which primarily strikes just the families with children. That determination is more than justified, because the demographic situation in Russia — sharp, and to have children now have a very small generation of the late 90’s, when one woman we have had children born even smaller than in the worst years of the great Patriotic war.

a Set of presidential actions, from increasing the capital of the parent to direct payments to families for each child from free hot meals in schools and to compensation for the mortgage, plus a radical increase in the number of nurseries and kindergartens, healthcare and various forms of assistance to the poor. It is clear that is crucial to the economic growth of Russia, but Putin gives the task to the Government now, since January 1 of this year to begin to execute orders at more than 500 billion rubles. Such in Russia yet was not never.

Author: Polina Ermolaeva

Maxim very soon – three, and mother Tanya already and had no idea how to redraw a modest budget, because Lisa wants to dance, and Vlad passionate about football. And so I turned on the TV, and it turned out that her family thinks and the President.

“I thought, and you also understand that when the child reaches three years of set payments cease. So the family can immediately get into a difficult situation with revenues. So, in fact, happening. That can’t happen. Especially good to understand that until the kids went to school, mom often difficult to combine work and child care. We know well for their children and theirm grandchildren, kids at this age are familiar with the viruses that are sick. Mom not to go to work. In this regard, I propose to provide a monthly allowance to children aged three to seven years inclusive. And already from 1 January of the current year”, — said the head of state.

These payments will be extended to families where the income does not exceed one of the minimum subsistence level per person. In the first phase — the amount of 5,5 thousand roubles. Further amount could increase to 11 thousand.

Dasha, Dasha, Igor — that’s really really smaller than the other. Of the five Calcining only the father works. Wages on the railway — 40 thousand. Mom is in for a protracted maternity leave. A family nest in the village of Big Meadow is small and in need of repair.

the Family is the focus of attention. The historical presidential address to the Federal Assembly. The program of the parent capital, Vladimir Putin proposes to extend until December 31, 2026, the.

“Today only this is not enough. We need to support young people, those who start a family and I’m sure dreams of children. At birth the firstborn of the family will be entitled to the maternity capital in its current volume,” Putin said.

While the country applauded the President, in Irkutsk with a newborn Girl in the arms of mother Olesya dreamt of a new apartment. And Katya in Vladivostok has been chosen for a two-week Gleb faculty of the University.

In the hospital of Yekaterinburg — only and conversations that about 466 thousand 617 roubles, which put for the first-born from 1 January.

Truly sensational! The maternity capital is paid already for the first child, at birth, the second adds another 150 thousand. If the baby in the family growing up, the appearance of the brother or sister will immediately bring 616 thousand.

“We have already decided that the birth of a third child, the state “puts out” for family 450 thousand rubles her mortgage loan. That is, in General, a family with three children can using governmtva to invest in the solution to your housing problem of more than one million rubles. For a number of regions, cities and even regional centers is almost half the cost of an apartment or home,” — said Vladimir Putin.

the Prospect of acquiring their own homes only darkens the lack of places in kindergartens. Kemerovo. New modern garden promised to deliver in December. Now going to open in June — little Anatolia will celebrate a half.

the Nursery for many moms — perhaps the only way to get to work. But for two years in the country instead of the planned 90 thousand nursery places are not created and 78.

“Dear heads of subjects of Federation, my dear colleagues, it is wrong to work. This means that we have created 77.7 thousand, and even then not in full mode, half of them can’t work. I ask you to do everything, although it is very difficult, however, it needs to be done, you need to make up this gap”, said the President.

Another space — which the head of state decides to fill in before — school meal. To ensure that Junior classes are free hot breakfasts and Lunches — an unexpected and controversial — does not hide the Putin proposal.

“we Have a great discussion going on this. And colleagues in General, some don’t mind because they want children to support. But saying that it’s not very fair that people with decent incomes, and with little income will receive the same support from the state. But there is a logic, typical of our society. Everyone should feel equal. Should not parents and children, which is often the current situation is humiliating, they even a child can not feed. I say, you know, even in Soviet times, with its broad social program of support of citizens do not have such support. But the disintegration of society then was not like this. I think that this measure will be justified,” Putin said.

Under the slogan “Bread is a head” — still on a full stomach is better I think — the students are fed at the expense of regional and local budgets. But often the meals have to be paid to parents.

Support the government promises and teachers — 5 thousand from the Federal budget homeroom teachers — those who not only teaches, educates, go to someone for support and advice, and who remember the rest of his life.

Without investment in people the country will not achieve economic or technological breakthroughs, and these are the main themes of the Messages addressed to the Federal Assembly, heard every Russian family.

“the Fate of Russia, its historical perspective depend on how many of us there are, how many children are born in Russian families a year, five years, ten years, what they will grow up, what will that do for the development of the country and what values they will have support in life. Every step, the new law, the state programme we have to assess first of all from the point of view of the highest national priority of saving and accumulation of the Russian people”, — said Putin.

Derived Solzhenitsyn formula savings of the people as the Supreme goal of the state Vladimir Putin leads for the first time. New and unprecedented measures to support families will provide a solid Foundation for the development of Russia.

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