Unrest in Montenegro: four police officers were injured and 17 people arrested

Four police officers were injured in the result of confrontation between citizens and law enforcement in Montenegro-Niksic. It is the second largest city in the country. To disperse the demonstrators police had to use tear gas. Meanwhile, during the protest in the tourist capital of Montenegro, Budva detained 17 people. What do the protesters demand?

Tear gas bombs into the school gym, right during the children’s training. Students were evacuated. Aiming, of course, not in them, and the protesters, who surrounded city hall. Has not been very effective. No batons, no arrests, no tear gas forced the people to disperse.

They are demanding to be let into the workplace illegally suspended mayor and his team. And when appointed in violation of all regulations of the new mayor Vladimir Bulatovic left the building, he was pelted with eggs. So from the people’s wrath he had to be rushed to hide in the nearest police station.

People oppose the oppression of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Was against the previous mayor, Marco Prince. For it in early June on the orders of the ruling Democratic party of socialists he and 20 deputies even arrested. But under pressure from the public was released. And before that the Democratic party did an illegal change of power in one of the hotels in the city voted, the results of which have chosen the new leadership of Budva.

“the Current government headed by Milo Djukanovic ruled the country for almost 30 years. This is an unprecedented event in Europe. Many European and American Newspapers have already written about the dictatorship in Montenegro. Djukanovic called corrupt, was wanted by Interpol. And he really needs to stay in power. Why is it tolerated? He had to fulfill all the conditions of Europe and the United States: the recognition of Kosovo separation from Serbia, what happened in 2006 and NATO membership”, — commented the head of the Center on studying of modern Balkan crisis of Institute of Slavic studies of RAS, doctor of historical Sciences Elena GUsykova.

to Completely take control of the country Djukanovic interfere with the opposition, but he was able still to subdue the Parliament. To give the appearance of legitimacy, also created an alternative Academy of Sciences. And after that undertook a robbery of the Church. In the United States recommended that the idea of autocephaly for the Ukrainian model. But it failed. The population came out to protest.

“Djukanovic came up with the law on the freedom of religion, which involved the seizure of lands, churches and monasteries of the current Serbian Orthodox Church. Djukanovic today is at war with the Church is the last Bastion of resistance to his authority,” — said the head of the Center on studying of modern Balkan crisis of Institute of Slavic studies of RAS, doctor of historical Sciences Yelena Guskova.

Turns out not very. Nationwide demonstrations failed to stop the coronavirus. People took to the streets immediately after mode isolation.