Unrest in U.S.: White house fenced off from protesters by new fences

the Fences around the White house higher and it is more. On the eve on the orders of Donald trump’s adjacent streets were blocked by Federal troops. Protesters from the residence were guarded by the border guards and the DEA — a total of 1,500 people. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 1” said the VGTRK correspondent Denis Davydov from Washington, explaining such actions of the American President is in serious conflict with the Democrats.

At the same time, in the opinion of the writer, an aggressive protest in America overall is on the decline. He has been arrested 10 thousand people — it is the activists who were rocking the crowd. But the most important thing is that the peaceful protesters, particularly in Washington, instigators stop.

“however, the end of the protest, however. Closer to the night the peaceful protesters go home, then instigators to stop no one, they are more and more rock fences, and get such a dose of pepper spray. It is usually black teenagers,” — said Denis Davydov.

Watching the protest movement, the correspondent noted a fairly high level of organisation.

“Park Lafayette is a big supply of water waiting for the protesters who will come here in the evening. Some people are constantly driving up food aid. In addition, the activists of the movement Black Lives Matter offer legal assistance”, — stated the writer.

Another important detail was not lost on journalist in Washington, changed the curfew time. Now it starts at 23:00 instead of 19:00. This was done to ensure that small and medium businesses who suffer from such a reduction of working hours. “Business howled, so the mayor has made concessions to the owners of cafes and restaurants”, — the journalist specified.

In conclusion, Denis Davydov, said: despite the fact that to the current morning protests at the White dOMA moved in a peaceful direction, fences less than ten people on the street running movement, and the city in suspense waiting for the evening.

Protests and unrest in the cities of the United States began after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd during the arrest by the police. After the incident, four policemen dismissed, one was charged with negligent homicide. In Washington and other U.S. cities imposed a curfew.