Update worsened the main function of AirPods Pro

Software update left the owners of AirPods wireless headphones Pro without their main features. Instead of improving the sound quality, the update did the work function of the active noise cancellation is less effective.

that AirPods Pro became worse to drown out background noise, users complained on Reddit and MacRumors forum. Conjecture was confirmed by the journalists RTINGS, writing that although the latest Apple update (2C54) and expanded frequency range, the quality of noise cancellation have become considerably worse, particularly at low frequencies. This means that due to the new firmware version AirPods Pro block the noise of trains and planes is not as efficient as before.

Apple stopped sending 2C54, but if this version was installed, “roll back” with her anymore. The fact that AirPods Pro are automatically updated without user intervention when the device is charging and is close with a smartphone.

a New firmware version is expected soon. However, the release dates of the fixes in the Apple did not specify.

AirPods Pro was released in late October of last year (read our review). They have new design, active noise reduction function, and the housing is protected against dripping water and sweat. In Russia this model sells for 20 990 rubles.

Text: To.Hi-tech