A planned AfD election campaign party in Miesbach, Bavaria, had to be relocated. The owner of the original host restaurant was threatened and his car was damaged.

The AfD district association Miesbach has canceled its election campaign party at Schützenwirt Ercan Köse. The reason for this is that Köse and his family were treated with hostility in the run-up to the party, reports “Merkur”. The party will now take place in another restaurant.

Köse said he booked the event in March as a “political event” without knowing which party it belonged to. However, in protest, unknown people set his car on fire and threatened his family.

“Under these circumstances we canceled,” said Köse. Personally, however, he could not understand the hostility. His family consists of innkeepers who “have to pay rent and employees.”

Organizer Jurij Kofner from the AfD Miesbach district association emphasized that “the Schützenwirt, who himself has a migrant background,” “absolutely supports us.” However, the unknown persons must be “enemies of democracy”.

So far, three East German state associations of the AfD have been classified as right-wing extremist by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. At the federal level, the party is currently listed as a suspected case.

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