URBA Top 12: Buenos Aires Ends 33-Year Drought by Beating Hindú – ESPN

In a thrilling match during the 9th round of the URBA Top 12 Copa Macro presented by Zurich, Buenos Aires emerged victorious over Hindú with a score of 26-17. This victory marked a significant milestone for Buenos Aires, as they ended a 33-year winless streak against their rivals.

From the early stages of the game, both teams displayed a commitment to dynamic play and ball movement. However, a handling error in their own territory cost Hindú the first try of the match within just 3 minutes, with Tobías Díaz Borda capitalizing on a loose ball to score. Despite a quick response from Hindú through Lucas Fernández Miranda, another turnover led to a second try for Buenos Aires, beautifully executed by Gastón Vaca.

As the match progressed, both teams continued to showcase their mobile formations. Buenos Aires extended their lead through Francisco Sluga, while Hindú responded with a try from Agustín Capurro. With 30 minutes remaining, the score stood at 26-17 in favor of the hosts, setting the stage for an intense battle in the latter stages of the game.

Despite numerous opportunities for both sides, the scoreline remained unchanged in the final minutes, thanks in part to a resilient defense from Buenos Aires. The victory has reignited hopes for Buenos Aires to challenge for the top positions in the league standings.

Looking ahead, Buenos Aires will face San Luis in their next match on Saturday, June 22, while Hindú will seek redemption at home against Belgrano Athletic.

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This match was a testament to the competitive spirit and skill on display in the URBA Top 12 league, showcasing the passion and talent of Argentine rugby.