US assess the impact of the Iranian strikes

the Us military in Iraq said that the potential consequences of Iranian strikes. In particular, it turns out, whether there are victims in the attacks, and where missiles fell.

According to the Pentagon, in the night of Wednesday, Iran fired missiles on at least two US military bases in Iraq, using more than a dozen missiles.

the U.S. Congress demand that President Donald trump to conduct a full assessment of the situation and if the answer is Iran first, to coordinate with Congress not to get involved in a war, reports channel “Russia 24”. The US special envoy on Iran Brian hook said that the President is waiting for decisive steps, and what impact that Tehran was expected after the U.S. military killed Iranian commander — General Soleimani. “President trump as commander in chief, first of all, is obliged to ensure the safety of Americans. Diplomats and the U.S. military in the middle East are under threat of imminent attack supporters Soleimani. If we had not taken decisive steps to eradicate it, then hundreds of Americans have been killed, and you would have asked me why we haven’t eliminated”, — he stressed.

Us intelligence has already said that, according to them, now in possession of Iran there are more than two hundred ballistic missiles, some of which was allegedly used in the attack on two US bases in Iraq. According to preliminary information, among the Americans there were no casualties, but the Pentagon said it was ready at any moment to strike back. Defence Minister mark Esper stressed that a military solution to the issue in the interests of the United States — a very real scenario. “At the moment our priorities are the protection of Americans and our partners and readiness to give a response to Iranian aggression. I personally oversee that our military was ready for any unforeseen circumstances. We have strengthened all our positions across the region. The US does not want war with Iran but he has to sit down at the negotiating table to avoid bloodshed,” he said.