Us intelligence: Ukrainian aircraft mistakenly shot down two missiles

the liner of the company “Ukraine International airlines” could be shot down by two sams. On it informs TV channel CNN, citing administration officials, the United States.

According to intelligence of the United States, the radar of the Iranian air defense seized the Boeing 737, after which he fired at the complex “tor-M1”. Moreover, the ABC News said that an American satellite spotted the heat signatures of the two anti-aircraft missile near the plane.

the Official statement, the scouts are not yet doing so how to check this information.

meanwhile, Bloomberg writes that Iran may ask Russia, Ukraine, France and Canada to help decipher “black boxes” of the liner MAU. Now local experts are examining the flight recorders and decide whether it is possible to extract information from them. This process involved the representatives of the three Iranian airlines.

the Authorities of the Islamic Republic don’t want the “black boxes” have left the country, journalists added.

France has already confirmed readiness to help Iran in the decoding of flight recorders. Germany, in turn, expects that Tehran will hold an open, transparent investigation, as Canada has sent to the crash site of its delegation, which consists of 10 people.

in Addition, Kiev has appealed to Ottawa to provide all the information associated with the fall of the Boeing 737.

we will Remind, the liner “Ukraine International airlines” crashed on 8 January, immediately after takeoff from Tehran. Killed 9 crew and 167 passengers, including the citizens of Iran, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany and the UK.