USA confiscated 13 tons of Chinese articles of human hair

U.S. customs and border protection delayed the shipment, which was 13 tons of wigs and other products made of human hair. It is noted that the products were manufactured using forced labor in Xinjiang (China). Axios reports about the incident, citing sources in the leadership of the United States.

the value of the cargo is estimated at about 800 thousand dollars. Earlier, customs and border control ordered American ports to hold everything that comes in the US company Meixin Hair Product.

the Border-the customs service has convincing evidence that the detained goods made using forced labour. This is a very serious violation of human rights. The representative of the trade division of customs and border protection Brenda Smith stated that the inhuman methods of work will not be allowed to supply system States.

the US Government warned companies whose supply chains are associated with companies from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region of China, about the reputational, economic and legal risks, reports TASS.

the Representative of the Council of national security of the United States John Ullyot said that if the detained goods will be associated with the Uighur concentration camps, then China will have to answer to the international community for their actions.

the United States threatened China with sanctions, accusing Beijing of suppressing Uyghurs and Muslims and in violation of human rights in Tibet and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.