Valentina Matvienko about voting on the amendments to the Constitution. Exclusive interview

Russia has finished voting on amendments to the Constitution. About how it went, in the broadcast channel “Russia 24” told the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko.

Valentina Matviyenko, good day!

Good afternoon!

– How would you comment on the results of the vote and a high turnout?

– Completed a nationwide vote – this event, without exaggeration, of historic importance that all of us together acted properly. The vast majority of citizens, as it is already known – results will be announced tomorrow – the vast majority of citizens supported the amendments in the Constitution and thus provided, I’d say their absolute legitimacy. The voting results showed a high consolidation companies. Higher, I’d say the responsibility of our citizens. Today I would like to thank all Russians who took part in voting for their civic position and to thank those who were for and those who were against. Those who are against, we need to hear, need to understand the reasons, it is necessary to draw conclusions. This high activity of Russians and their approval of the amendments, they were expected. Well, first, because these changes are overdue. Second – so many people were involved in the preparation of these amendments, in these discussions, civil society institutions and, of course, it was clear and it was obvious that they are, I would say, the people’s amendment. And most importantly – a vote for the content of the amendments to the Constitution.

After all, look how serious things spelled out in these amendments. This is to ensure national security, sovereignty, territorial integrity of Russia, which is especially important in an international environment international environment in which we find ourselves. This redistribution of power for a more sustainable public management system. This increase in the role of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. This is very important, I think for every family, for every Russian – firm social guarantees, indexation of pension, the indexation of social benefits, minimum wage and much more. And, of course, first and foremost, the content of the amendments has identified the support of their population. And you can ask the question: how could this not be supported?

to Ensure high turnout helped, of course, and very clear organization of the voting procedure. First, conditions were created to the citizens whether to vote and that the vote was completely safe. Proposed different formats. Protracted in time for a vote. It has definitely played a positive role, and unprecedented measures were taken to ensure the purity and transparency of the voting procedure, its openness and even view the progress of the interim announcement, the current results – it is also this openness to the country, to the people. There are no opportunities to manipulate, there is no possibility to leave some grey areas. And our election system showed itself in very difficult conditions this time with the best hand. Which was confirmed by international experts, who in these days were found in our country, they gave the highest evaluation of our electoral system. They noted its democracy, its transparency, its accessibility. And stressed that Russia can learn from many Western countries. And I think we have every reason today all come together and say words of gratitude to the staff of the Central election Commission, as well as numerous army officers of precinct election commissions, observers, and there were more than 500 thousand across the country. And it is imperative that no serious violations of any observers or journalists, which could in some extent affect the results of the expression were found. So I think we can all congratulate the whole country that we are together everything is so passed this exam.

Valentina Matviyenko, a nhell than you in the Federation Council will have to work in connection with the approval of amendments in the near future? That will have to change in the legislation, the internal documents?

– Well, first of all, I want to note that constitutional norms of direct action, which will take effect immediately after the President signed the decree. The other amendments, of course, will require serious revision of the current legislation, making changes, making changes to regulations. This is a very serious work. Previously, we believe that it will be about 90 laws that will work and the State Duma and the Federation Council today. It is important that as soon as possible any amendments to the Constitution went into effect. In addition, due to the fact that the State Duma and the Federation Council passed the new powers, very serious powers, including the Federation Council will now consider the proposals of the President on the heads of all law enforcement and security agencies, will host consultation, and only after approval by the Federation Council of those candidates they will be approved by the President. We are already contemplating changing regulations, and the main purpose we see that these consultations were not so formal, light, passing. In fact, it will be a vote for the approval and the support of a particular candidate, or support or do not support. This procedure is quite strict, is open. We will invite the media, it will be considered by the committees, will consider the plenary session, it will be a good strong procedure that will take is very difficult. A number of amendments to be made to our regulatory documents of the Federation Council, we are already working on it and hope that by the end of the spring session we are already approved. So the Federal Assembly have a lot of work. We with great joy will it, will work the tableKo, as you need to as soon as possible, and most efficiently make the laws that will ensure the new Constitution.

– Recently you, communicating with the press, appreciated the remoteness in time of the vote, admitted the possibility of extending this practice to other voting. Here is what the status of that initiative now? And what are the prospects? It is also necessary to legislate?

– Well, first of all, it is necessary to carefully analyze the new formats that were used on the national vote, some of them were forced with the sanitary-epidemiological situation, the instructions of the President to make voting absolutely safe for citizens, including long-time voting for almost weeks, to assess the pros and cons. No comments for this vote there. For the citizens it was very convenient to come at the time that they are most suitable. And people have spoken very positively. In fact, many people in the elections want to vote, but different the circumstances, the conditions. Someone may one day come someone can’t. And it seems to me, say, two-three days of voting in other elections would be a good format. Moreover, such experience is in many States, it is widely used, but at the same time citizens need to be absolutely sure that everything will be transparent, honest, and to the legitimacy of such a vote, and most importantly – the confidence in him was unconditional. Some opponents questioned the vote in a few days, citing the fact that it is difficult to control the results. You know, the Central election Commission so everything that was special safe bags, which according to voting results for the day were sealed and were under police guard and were opened only after the main voting day in the presence of observers, and there can be no manipulation. After all, distrust is presents to any format if there is interest in this, but the main thing is to ensure the trust of citizens. I think if absolute confidence in this vote – why not? Why is this format not use? But, once again, I offered to discuss. Life is not static, there are new modern technologies. For example, very successfully passed electronic vote in Moscow, in Nizhny Novgorod region. I think that subsequent elections will be even more regions to connect to, because it is a new modern format: and man does not waste time, and at the same time, he is given the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Formats home-based voting. Because a lot of elderly people, lonely people. Those who, for one reason or another can’t go that day. And others. Now is the time to make a thorough analysis of all useful to consider. And I think that after discussions with political parties, civic institutions, and then finally make a decision.

Valentina Matviyenko, here the trust of citizens, about which you say, it including depends on the information space, right? Here’s how you estimate it? What it was this time?

– Well, almost six months have passed debate on this issue. Deployed was a lot of work on informing citizens about the nature of the amendments, their importance for the development of the country. It was very useful for citizens to be able to make an informed choice. And at the same time, we have faced unprecedented opposition from the seemingly purely domestic affair of the Russian Federation, particularly from foreign online accounts, DDoS attacks, that attacks on websites of the CEC, that this thread is fake, the lie, which never had anything even remotely in common with reality. Even artificially created commercials, which tried to falsify a negative vote. But, I want to say that our society has shown maturity and was able to distinguish truth from falsehood, managed to make his PRAVilleneuve informed choice. But I think such things cannot be left without reaction. In the Federation Council there is a Commission on state sovereignty. At all stages of the preparation of the ballot and vote she carefully watched everything happening, recorded evidence of gross interference in the sovereign Affairs of Russia, the proliferation of fakes in violation of our laws. Now the Commission continues its work, it will summarize results, draw conclusions. I think in July at one of the meetings we will hear the report of this Commission with conclusions and proposals that may require legislative support.

you Know, I would like one to say that the outcome of the vote confirmed the convincing support of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin confirmed the high credibility. In fact, over the past 20 years, the country has witnessed enormous positive change in all areas, whatever we take – in the economy, in social sphere, in matters of national defence and a sharp increase in Russia’s prestige in the international arena and so on. This, of course, the result of the work and of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. And, you know, very important – about something tell – but I must honestly say that the fact that the President was given the right to run in 2024, you know, this, first, true, and, secondly, it is very important for a stable situation in the country, for its further sustainable economic and social development. View, because before the voting began to share power, began to speak about the transfer of power has already begun to appoint successors, and so on. This, of course, does not create sustainability. And all of us today have, that is, sleeves rolled up, actively work to eliminate the consequences of coronavirus, according to the breakthrough development of Russia, its progress. This requires that people engaged in business and not shared power. Such stability is important and for investors. They understand that in Russia everything is stable, no shocks, and never will be, the government is strong, she has successfully coped with the epidemic of the coronavirus, it has understanding a clear strategy for the development of the country, and a country should work. This is important for our overall international cooperation. Therefore, this one fact, in my opinion, also very significant in the results of the last vote.