Valentina Matviyenko, the presidential address: today is a day of good news

the Message to the Federal Assembly is not a spontaneous decision, and endured and informed the President measures to address the most acute problems that exist today in our country. They are discussed in society, acutely felt by the people. This was said in the program “60 minutes” the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko.

Matviyenko said that Vladimir Putin is not by chance began his address with the demographic policy. She called the measures proposed by the head of state, serious and motivating for families. “The President has said that we should have more children. And said it with love. We can’t afford to reduce the population. Every family should have a planning horizon. It is very important that now when the birth of the first child will be paid maternity capital. I just applaud it,” — said the Chairman of the Federation Council.

as for the Constitution, then, according to Matvienko, the presidential form of government is the only correct one for our Federal, multi-religious state, “But at the same time Vladimir Putin very brave shared a part of his presidential powers by Parliament. This is a good signal to the public that we have a stable political environment. President do not worry, this giving of powers to Parliament”.

Valentina Matvienko also noted that now the Council of State will be spelled out in the Constitution: “During the years of its work, the Council has shown that it is a very important and influential body. But he was, like, unconstitutional. After making changes in the Constitution States its position.”

Referring to the President’s proposals on the redistribution of powers between different levels of public authority and strengthening the role of local government, Matviyenko said: “It’s time to make some audit powers, which currently have Federal structures, regional and local authorities. All permissions must be secured Financesat resources, including municipal authorities”.

In conclusion, Valentina Matvienko said that today’s presidential address to the Federal Assembly it is possible to call a day of good news.