Valery Bragin: to beat the Canadians helped us tactics

the Youth national team of Russia on hockey defeated the team from Canada held in the Czech Republic world championship with the score 6:0. This victory became the largest in the history of official meetings of the two teams.

the head coach of our team Valery Bragin believes that to beat the Canadians helped correctly chosen tactics. “We played tactically from the first minute to the last. And it pleases. The match was two or three cut wrong, but we all adjusted. Most importantly — everyone understood that a lot is at stake tactically correct game” — quoted by TASS Bragin.

“I don’t think Canadians are scared. Our well scored, and it is of great importance in these games. Does the confidence of the opponent, on the contrary, starts the rush and mistakes occur. We knew it would be a tough game, glad that we are not in what is not lost. This is a group game, the result is good, but most importantly — the quality of the game, it granted, but most still need to improve,” added the coach of the Russian youth team.