Vandals are not afraid of the American President

In the United States against the backdrop of demonstrations against racism, the authorities of the Mississippi decided to change the state flag, so he is not reminded of the struggle of Confederate soldiers for the preservation of slavery; the bill is still under discussion. In Richmond, protesters tried to desecrate the monument to General Robert E. Lee. In Louisville demonstration against racism ended with the shooting. Amid all this chaos, Donald trump announced: vandalism in the country stopped completely. On outside of Twitter is the real world.

the streets of Washington again crowded: thousands of protesters continue to speak out against racism and to demand police reform in Seattle pogroms again. In response to the decision of local authorities to abolish the Autonomous zone, captured by the anarchists, the activists attacked police stations. Tried to set fire, broke Windows.

In Louisville at least one person was killed from a gunshot wound during demonstrations. Another was injured, he was hospitalized.

the Nerves of the police no longer stand up to such aggression. Began a record of mass layoffs on their own. Over a month since the death of George Floyd and the start of the protests on this occasion only in new York the resignation of some 300 officers. And according to forecasts, this is only the beginning.

“We are all asking: how can we continue to carry out their work in such an environment?! A mob gets its way: in the end, nobody wants to be a policeman,” — said the head of strategies in the fight against crime of the police of new York Michael Liopetri.

Despite the decree of the President of trump punished by ten years in prison for desecration of monuments, the vandals are still active. Richmond attacked the monument to General Robert E. Lee, who commanded the army of the southern States during the civil war. Security forces fired paint balls.

In Texas just threw paint on a statue of Christopher Columbus. The demonstrators demanded that the local authorities took it down.

The BPEminem power of the Mississippi decided to change the state flag, so he is not reminded of the struggle of Confederate soldiers for the preservation of slavery. The bill is still under discussion. And Princeton University will remove the name of former President Wilson from the school of public policy and College and boarding school. The Trustees came to the conclusion that the politician was a supporter of racism. In Colorado the protests began over the death of African American Elijah McClain at the hands of police last year. Then the officers were justified, but the family attorneys are conducting their own investigation.

oppose racism in Germany. However, there demonstrations are peaceful. Most protesters said that in the heat tridtsatigradusnuyu prefer to stay at home. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic is not yet over.