Known for being very harsh with her collaborators, the new government spokesperson, Prisca Thevenot is clearly not harsh with herself. The young woman, since taking up her position, has multiplied the hiccups, approximations and other “spitting out” of language elements.

Which did not fail to tense up his teams and lead some to leave. And not least: the chief of staff, William Elman, his deputy and the chief of staff. These three members of the cabinet of government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot resigned on Friday April 12, Franceinfo learned on Wednesday April 17 from consistent sources, confirming information from Marianne.

For example, reports an article in Libération, the minister, on April 3, announced that an attack had been foiled during the Easter weekend, before reversing her own statements less than an hour later, apologizing “for not having been clear”.

And yet the young minister had the reputation of being very harsh with her colleagues, a member of her team confided to the same newspaper. These three collaborators are personalities completely unknown to the general public, but familiar with the mysteries of power, indicates France Info.

The young woman until then was described, under the Borne government as: “discreet, erased” by the omnipresence of Gabriel Attal in Education, “it was complicated to exist”, tells a Macronist source to the newspaper Nice Matin last January. It was also Attal at the time who pushed Prisca Thevenot for spokesperson, a source within the presidential party told the newspaper.

But who is this young minister, who seems overwhelmed by her responsibilities?

Last July, the minister, then Secretary of State for Youth, was promoted to government spokesperson, replacing Olivier Véran. Number 2 at the Ministry of National Education alongside a certain Gabriel Attal, she is a supporter of the new Prime Minister, who “adores” him, according to a Macronist source interviewed in the Nice Matin newspaper. As the Nice Matin article also recalls, she had, at that time, taken over from Sarah El Haïry as head of the State Secretariat in charge of the Universal National Service (the famous SNU).

At 38, the one who describes herself as “a pure product of the Republican school”, studied in a priority education zone (ZEP). A former consultant and entrepreneur, this daughter of Mauritian immigrants was also a member of the Social Affairs Committee at the National Assembly in 2022. Member of En Marche! From the outset, she attempted to run for the 2017 legislative elections in Stains, but was beaten in the second round by the communist Marie-George Buffet. Three years later, she became the spokesperson for La République en Marche and regional councilor for Île-de-France, in 2021.

A journey that says a lot about his tenacity in the face of adversity. Asked about the three recent resignations in her cabinet, here is her response.

“It’s like in love, the life of offices is like this. There are people who leave making noise and others who stay in silence and others who return in silence”, commented Prisca Thevenot, questioned about these serial resignations during the report of the Council of Ministers. “What matters to me and what interests me today”, “is to be able to explain, to carry out the action resolutely undertaken by the President of the Republic”, she added, without giving the reasons of these departures. “I will continue to do it with a determined team,” she assured, Le Télégramme returns in an article.

His entourage also confirmed the departure of the chief of staff, his deputy and the chief of staff. The new chief of staff has also been announced, she will be Matylda Brzezinska, a former communications advisor at Matignon when Elisabeth Borne was Prime Minister.