VGTRK correspondent: protests in the United States manages someone's invisible hand

it is obvious that the riots and protests in America, accompanied by someone’s invisible hand, something that swings and drives. However, Donald trump has taken a wait. This was stated on air of TV channel “Russia 1” correspondent of RTR in USA Valentin Bogdanov.

“Apparently, trump doesn’t want to get involved in this agenda awaits, in what all will pour out. He wants to position himself as the President of the law and order. When will Mature the need to adopt law and order, the head of the White house to join these protests,” — said the journalist.

Valentin Bogdanov aired from Atlanta, from the place of death of African-American Rashard Brooks, speaking in detail about the situation in the state at the moment. According to the reporter, on the eve of the cafe, next to which was parked in Brooks, was created a makeshift memorial. Now he has a lot of flowers, and everywhere signs reading Black Lives Matter.

reporter noted that after the incident, Atlanta police promptly published the full video with sound.

“This is for US an unprecedented story. The police wanted to show the development of the situation: Richard Brooks was drunk, behaved aggressively towards the police and law enforcement officers behaved correctly,” he explained.

Now, said the journalist, local authorities continue to score “political points”. In particular, the mayor of Atlanta said shocked her posted video and drew a parallel of the death of Brooks with the death of George Floyd. However, after the murder of African American in the resignation of the head of the Atlanta police Department Eric shields. The vacant place was taken by her black Deputy.

overall, the situation in the city is relatively calm, the big strike there. Wednesday, June 17, according to the district attorney, will be announced the final decision on initiation of proceedings against the two patrolmen responsible for the bendingif Brooks. Valentin Bogdanov drew attention to the interesting detail: on the eve of the protests in the crowd did the arsonist and was seen members of the movement “Antifa”. Members of the movement are behind the organization of an Autonomous zone in Seattle. They are often the initiators of the demonstrations and inciting black youth to protest, says the reporter.

Valentin Bogdanov also noted that currently in Atlanta, held a March in which participants are sent to the Georgia state Capitol with the standard requirements of the police reform and reduction of its financing.

the Protests in the United States has flashed with new force. Another reason was the murder of Georgia African-American Rashard Brooks. After a similar case in Minnesota, the protesters are increasing pressure on local authorities and the police. In Atlanta, a group of demonstrators tried to block a highway, speaking out against police brutality, and went to the Governor’s house, demanding justice for a new trial.