Victims of the new coronavirus became 6 people

the death toll from a new type of coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan has risen to six people. This was announced by the mayor of the city.

the Committee on hygiene and public health of China said that the total number of cases to 291 people. Currently under the supervision of doctors in hospitals continue to be the 227 people, of which 51 patients in serious condition, 12 in critical, said the RIA Novosti.

Wuhan Authorities have tightened control over entry and exit to the city, to prevent further spread of the disease.

amid reports of China’s Ministry of health announced work on a rapid test for the detection of a dangerous virus, reports “Russia 24”. In Primorye, increased the control at all checkpoints and in airports has introduced a special safety rules.

Outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV, was registered in China at the end of December 2019. The first infected were buyers in the seafood market.