Victory songs: for the concert on Mamayev Kurgan prepares the constellation of stars

the 75th anniversary of the victory of Russia notes of the scale. On June 24 one of the main events will be a Grand military concert at Mamaev Kurgan. On the same day will be opened after restoration the monument “the Motherland”.

Frontline masterpiece Anatoly Novikov, the song “Oh, dear”, before the historic concert at Mamaev Kurgan, the brilliant Hibla Gerzmava rehearsing, accompanying himself on the piano.

“at school we sing these songs and polyphonic, and the family I have. It is clear that every family affected by the war” — says people’s artist of Russia, the Opera singer Hibla Gerzmava.

And Sergei Bezrukov chose for the concert the song of Michael Nozhkina “the Last battle”.

“to be there, in Stalingrad, it is certainly very, very seriously. So looking forward to this moment. And very excited as well as probably all the artists,” — says people’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of the Moscow provincial theater Sergey Bezrukov.

Prepare for large-scale concert that live will see the whole country, the song Tabachnikov and Frenkel, written in terrible 1941, Sergei Mazaev was rehearsing with a full band. However, with the amendments to the terms of coronavirus COVID-19 — a musical distance.

“For me, songs of the war years, wartime music, music about the war — songs of our homeland. This is one of the significant component parts of my homeland. I love these songs,” says the honored artist of Russia Sergey Mazaev.

war Songs loved by millions and generations. Born of heroic experience and the harsh courage of world war II, melted into thin lyrics, they touch a special chord folk soul. They are part of ourselves, our history and identity.

At the foot of the symbol of national prowess in Volgograd will feature music that is impossible to listen to without tears and bated breath, such as “Dark night” of the composer Nikita Bogoslovsky. This song he wrote in 1943do. For the soldiers it has become one of the most beloved. Their interpretation of songs will be presented by Dima Bilan.

the heart-Wrenching song “Cranes” about the souls of the fallen soldiers, which so accurately found Rasul Gamzatov, at the foot of Mamayev Kurgan, will perform folk artist Ildar Abdrazakov.

“As a very young boy when I was in Junior high, I sang the song “Cranes,” recalls Opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov. And it will be for me the song that started my love of songs dedicated to the Victory”.

the concert — a constellation of favorite Russian stars. Actor Sergey Garmash will read frontline poems, and musician Igor Butman accompany the saxophone.

“It’s part of our history, a huge part of our culture and, of course, part of the culture of it songs” — says people’s artist of Russia Sergey Garmash.

“These songs are still hearing, still trigger a response, heart skipped a beat when you hear them,” — says people’s artist of Russia Igor Butman.

large-Scale concert, waiting for millions of viewers. In anticipation of a significant event Alexander Pakhmutova has appealed to the countrymen of the heroic city.

“I would Like to congratulate you on the Victory Day, my countrymen, addresses people’s artist of USSR, composer Alexandra Pakhmutova. Very well remember Stalingrad 19420-1943 years and will never forget.”

In a live TV channel “Russia” — songs from the Golden Fund of the war years. Including the one that became the anthem of defending the homeland. The text, by an incredible coincidence, were published in Soviet Newspapers on 24 June 1941. This day will be a parade in Moscow and a concert in Volgograd.

This is a call for the defense – “Arise, great country”.

the Concert will be a huge event all countries, for all generations. June 24 watch live TV channel “Russia”.