Video: Karelian bear cubs-orphans with pneumonia are on the mend

the Vets told about the state discovered in Karelia cubs with pneumonia. As told STRC “Karelia” employees “of the Center of rescue of bear cubs-orphans” in the Tver region, one of them is completely treated, and the second is on the mend.

In the shelter of the cubs was named Kuzey and Karel. When the kids arrived, they were no more than nine days, the predators and weighed about 700 grams. As told the experts of the center, first Kuzya ate well and was active enough, and Karel from food refused. A few days later the situation changed: Karel began to actively gain weight, and as Kuzi began to rapidly deteriorate — the vets diagnosed him with pneumonia.

“Just hours Kuzma from the active and lively bear turned into a barely moving little body almost not manifested any signs of life. Together with experts from the wildlife Foundation “wildlife Hospital” in charge of our cubs for more than fifteen years, began a course of treatment with the use of symptomatic medications and antibiotics. During this time the baby was watched constantly, commented specialists of the center.

Five days Kuzya was guarded around the clock by doctors.

— During this time the cub then felt a little easier, on the contrary, his condition became more critical, that do not leave hopes for a favorable outcome. However, after five days of fighting for his life, the baby began slowly to recover. At the moment Kuzma eats well, and started to be active and to gain weight. But the treatment will continue.

Recall, the five-day cubs was discovered by foresters in Lahdenpohja region. Their mother, waking up from hibernation and left the den, leaving the newborns.

Text: GTRK “Karelia”