Viktor bout was transferred to a special unit for terrorists

the Russian citizen Viktor bout suddenly and without explanation transferred from common mode to a special unit sveshtarovo, which is designed for terrorists. About it journalists were reported by his wife Alla Bout.

For Victor, this translation poses a lot of restrictions, reports “Russia 24”. In particular, from the daily calls left on him only twice a week, book them in advance. Contact list for e-mail communication will have to agree again.

According to Alla, my husband called every day, but suddenly the calls stopped. Then he called and explained that on Thursday he was summoned to the prison authorities and reported the transfer by offering to collect a minimum of personal belongings. The reasons for the transfer booth is not explained, any official report about the incident, which could be decided, has not been compiled.

“It’s some kind of inhuman attitude. In November it was about a probable translation of Victor in another prison standard shared mode, and now this! – outraged wife of the booth. — As if not a person but a thing — out of the box, and then decided to put back.”

according to RIA Novosti, Alla Bout reported the incident to the Russian Embassy in Washington. Soon the request will be forwarded through the state Department in the Bureau of prisons of the United States.

Viktor bout was arrested in 2008 in Thailand at the request of the Americans. The new York court found him guilty of conspiracy to murder US citizens, attempt of acquisition and sale of missiles and supporting terrorism. The jury sent him to prison for 25 years.