Viktor Proskurin was a genius and a real man

In Moscow, buried the body of Viktor Proskurin. Let’s speak of it again. The farewell took place at the Theatre Institute named Shchukin, where she studied the honored artist.

Farewell on stage native Ashley came out modest, not on talent. Quarantine, holiday, holiday season… Care of people’s artist caught everyone by surprise, despite the six-week confinement in the hospital, where nobody was allowed. He’s not sulked — wrote, rehearsed, pleased loved ones.

Among a huge pink bouquets — forget-me-nots left in the entrance of the appreciative audience. Love was all-Union.

“Very powerful. On the one hand, completely understandable, clear, transparent, and on the other — the absolute is incomprehensible. I met such people in my life. Like a small, seemingly frail, but these, but, not flickering, very specific, say, leaving nature, this era. He is one of the representatives of this outgoing nature and a bygone era. Very serious, a big man, an artist, a man like rod,” said actor Alexander Rapoport.

After the “Big change” — nearly fifty works, among them the father of many children, English with Eastern roots, captain pancakes, immediately and unconditionally fall in love with.

“His serious nature is a myth. He just had an acute reaction to falsity. He hated to be human and acting fake. He was honest, direct, open person,” recalls the actress Elena Skorokhodova.

He was a perfectionist, hence the talk about a complex, — said Irina Honda, spouse Proskurina. Outwardly harsh, but touching and tender.

Applause from the appreciative audience and the bitterness in the eyes of colleagues, he has not played a major role, did not do half of what he could.

“two words to describe: a real man, with charisma, with a wild temperament, brilliant with his head. In General, everything that was, this buedem now only remember”, — said the honored artist of Russia Georgi Martirosyan.