Virus threat: in China New year's eve, but residents not to holiday

In China the eve of the spring Festival, or Chinese New year. At midnight people will celebrate the year of the Rat according to the traditional calendar. However, in Beijing and many other cities, authorities canceled mass events due to a viral threat.

the death toll from coronavirus has reached 26. Infected more and more: their number, according to the state Committee of China health care, exceeded 800.

the Cases are in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, USA. Many countries advise their citizens to postpone travel to China, especially in Wuhan city, where the outbreak started.

“it is too early to say that the new outbreak of pneumonia in China, is a emergency situation of international importance, — said Didier Houssen, Chairman of the emergency Committee of the who on the new coronavirus. — Although the opinion of my colleagues in the Committee were divided equally. Many of them insist that it is time to recognize an emergency situation. But my opinion — not yet”.

the First fatality from the coronavirus have been recorded in the bordering Russian province of China. Increased control at border crossing points, particularly in Primorye. Back in early February, have to go back fifteen hundred Chinese students. All of them will check for the presence of a dangerous virus. Meanwhile, the foreign Ministry and Rospotrebnadzor recommend that Russians avoid traveling to China, or at least to take into account the situation on the ground: observe the rules of hygiene, to stop visiting zoos and markets.