Vladimir Dolinsky said that can wait for Ephraim to prison

Honored artist of Russia Vladimir Dolinsky, after having been in prison, told that can wait in the prison of his colleague Mikhail Yefremov, who is facing punishment for a fatal accident. The details of the life of the artist in the colony Dolinsky shared with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

the Artist, trapped behind bars in the 1970s, years of currency manipulation, said: life in prison is hard, but people live there.

“Remember how awful, when you live from letter to letter, told Dolinsky. – In prison there is a rhythm and a routine life, a very hard and peculiar. But there people get used to it, there’s always something to do to support yourself”.

According to the actor, he overcame his difficulties, because he got thrown in jail at a young age.

“I was healthy – this is important. The worst thing is to get there sick, in prison you’re treated will not be,” said Dolinsky.

the Actor confessed that he’s very sorry Ephraim, who is now facing a real term of imprisonment. According to him, the incident is a huge tragedy both for the family of the deceased in an accident the driver and the Ephraim. However, according to Dolinsky, his colleague “always going to be” ruining his life with alcohol.

“Misha, I want to pass this test with dignity,” concluded Dolinsky.

on the Evening of 8 June Efremov had an accident on the Garden ring near Smolenskaya square. Behind the wheel of his jeep, he drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into a van Lada. The driver of “Lada” has received serious injuries and died in hospital. Ephraim was first released under recognizance not to leave, and then concluded under house arrest. Upon road accident criminal case is brought.

the Medical examination showed that Yefremov got behind the wheel drunk in his blood found at 2.1 ppm alcohol and traces of drugs. If convicted, he faces up to 12 years in prison.