Vladimir Putin addressed the graduates

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address wished the Russian graduates to stop dreaming, to build the most bold plans and pursue goals, no matter how fantastic it may seem at first.

“the Only way to reach these heights, inspiring new heights in science, art, sports, technology, in every profession, in every really loved, and therefore in life”, — stressed the head of state.

Vladimir Putin admitted that since his student days, remembers one of the first holidays in the “Scarlet sails”, which only appeared in Leningrad and immediately resonated across the country because I was inspired by the unique atmosphere of romance, of youth, dreams, faith and hope for new victories.

the President of Russia congratulated all graduates, their families and mentors and wished them happiness, love and prosperity. “We believe in you and know that you will succeed. Good luck,” he admonished the young people the head of state.

the President Also said that this year teachers and graduates of schools and universities have done everything to ensure that in the last school year, the work of educational institutions has continued despite the pandemic, reports TASS. He stressed that this year’s prom will be held concurrently at the school, and students, making this holiday even more bright, festive, unifying. According to the President, prom is special, unique day, is a line beyond which opens a completely new stage of life, where everything will depend on private solutions to graduates, how will manifest and revealed their knowledge, ability, best personal traits.

this year the national online outlet for students and the Federal “Prom — 2020” for schoolchildren will be held on Saturday, June 27, reminds RIA Novosti. National online outlet for students will be held at 14:00 on the official website of the platform “Russia – Strafor opportunities” social network “Vkontakte”. Starting from 12:00 school graduates will congratulate on the official community site of the Ministry of education of Russia in the social network “Vkontakte”.