Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about resignation of the government of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the resignation of the government. The text of the document posted on the official Kremlin website.

According to the text of the decree, in accordance with paragraph “C” of article 83 and part two of article 117 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation the head of state decided to announce the resignation of the government to impose temporary exercise of the duties of the Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Medvedev to instruct the Ministers to perform their duties until the formation of a new Cabinet.

the Decree entered into force on the day of signing.

Previously, on 15 January, the Russian government resigned in full force. Dmitry Medvedev explained that the decision was made on the background of proposals to amend the Constitution that was made in the presidential address to the Federal Assembly.

Later, the President nominated the head of the Federal tax service of Michael mishustina for the post of Prime Minister.