Vladimir Putin showed journalists his

Russian President Vladimir Putin made an exception for journalists of TV channel “Russia 1” — the first time showed the “secret room”, which is near his office.

According to the head of state, he has no secret room to receive visitors, so the crew could see the room for what it is.

What I saw in the “secret room” journalists? The life and work of the President of Russia will appear in an unusual way.

Viewers will see exclusive footage and sensational confessions of the leader of the state this Sunday, June 21, in the TV channel “Russia 1”. See at 22:00 the film “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” and learn the answers to many questions from the President.

Earlier the journalist Pavel Zarubin on his page on Instagram published a small excerpt from the upcoming premiere. Vladimir Putin told whether it communicates with the grandchildren when they call him to the Kremlin.