Vladimir Putin signed a decree on re-payment of allowances to families with children

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed Executive order on lump sum payments to families with children. The full text of the document can be found on the website of the Kremlin.

According to the decree, the citizens of the country will receive in July, another allowance for each child up to 16 years. It will be credited automatically.

the document notes that the lump sum is not taken into account in the income families while providing them with other measures of social support. If anyone has not yet received the allotted allowance, you can contact the Pension Fund of Russia for his appointment prior to 1 October of the current year.

Earlier Tuesday, 23 June, Vladimir Putin made an appeal to the citizens of the country. During the speech the head of state announced a number of important decisions concerning the economy, including discounted mortgages and the rejection of the flat rate personal income tax.