Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve is preparing to resume work

Site of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum reserve under the open sky, ready to earn. In accordance with the order of the Minister of culture, Federal museums have resumed accepting visitors in the fresh air.

As reported by the GTRK “Vladimir”, the TV channel “Russia 1”, the first in the region opens the estate of Khrapovitsky in Muromtsevo. Completed work on the landscaping. The Park has already installed pieces of information, telling what was a manor in the years of the life of its owner Vladimir Khrapovitsky. The tourist groups will be able to enter only five people. Will be strictly follow the observance of a distance between the visitors.

All works on beautification of the area and repair the Museum holds for its own account, said Svetlana Melnikova, Director General of the Vladimir-Suzdal reserve. No income now, no. However, there is a arrangement of avenues to make a visit to the Park is comfortable and convenient, said the CEO.

Text: GTRK “Vladimir”