Vologda residents complain about the unbearable cold in the apartments

Vologda Residents complained of the unbearable cold in their apartments. Local authorities made a decision on the resumption of heat supply to kindergartens, maternity homes, hospitals and other institutions. The connection is performed according to the filings. However, the temperature in some residential homes barely exceeds 10 degrees Celsius.

In connection with this situation in the editorial office GTRK “Vologda” has received many calls with complaints. People talk about what they have to be warmed, and sometimes to walk in the boots around the apartment.

Recall that the Central heating in the city was disconnected since may 8, had just started warming. But, despite the fact that the temperature a week ago began to fall, the mayor said that the heat in the house will not resume.

Text: GTRK “Vologda”