Volunteer of the Constitution was proposed during the voting

In Buguruslan, the Orenburg region volunteer working on the Day of the vote on the amendments to the Constitution received a proposal of marriage. The rite of marriage according to Muslim traditions, the young couple will take place on 3 July.

the Young man wanted to offer hands and hearts to remember the beloved. So he took leave in the military and without warning came to town. The girl was thrilled, reports GTRK “Orenburg” aired on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Note that Guzel Muginova works as a volunteer for 6 years. And to participate in volunteer activities on voting Day, for her special honor.

according to the Orenburg regional election Committee, 73,6% of the electorate voted for an amendment to the Constitution of Russia. 25,29% voted against them. A high percentage of approved Organisations and in the Northern regions — more than 86%. Opinions of voters, BUT Komarovsky was divided almost in half. Of 51.8% in favor, 47.4 per cent against. The turnout in the Orenburg region was 73.55%.

Text: GTRK “Orenburg”