Volunteer to the latest has helped people, in spite of a deadly disease

the Volunteer Svetlana Anurova of the Ulyanovsk region was posthumously awarded the newly established order of the Pirogov — for dedication in the fight against coronavirus infection. The decree about it was signed by Vladimir Putin. Also, the region established the honorary badge “For contribution to development of volunteerism named Svetlana Anufrievoy” in honor of the girls called the College of medicine, where she studied. 19-year-old student was one of the most active volunteers in the framework of the project “We are together”, carried products the elderly people living alone, despite the fact that she was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the fourth degree.

“That’s how life was, and remained,” her mother, Natalia Yurieva, shows his daughter’s room, there are many sports medals and professional certificates.

In the photo the 19-year-old brown-eyed girl, five minutes to the doctor and the most active volunteer in the village Karsun of the Ulyanovsk region.

in April, the volunteer was helping people that the epidemic did not leave the house. Bought groceries for the elderly.

that she needs help, knew only relatives who still don’t talk about her in past tense.

“In every photo she is smiling,” says her mother.

Misfortune overtook suddenly this winter — a sharp pain in the abdomen, surgery, after which she again came to help people, despite the terrible diagnosis — Oncology at the fourth stage.

“at nine o’clock in the evening could make a call, she got up and walked. Daughter, I say, it’s late. Maybe the people there are bad – she said” — says the girl’s mother.

“I opened the door, and they stood in the entrance in the distance” — Olga Kitaeva know the World personally. She was the curator of the girls in the first year. Now the woman retired. During an outbreak of Light along with other volunteers brought her the medication.

“you did, ummm, the window on the balcony wash. Light promised me,” says Kitaev.

Light from Childhood dreamed of becoming a doctor this year was to get a degree at a local medical College. Dreamed of becoming a obstetrician-gynecologist and to continue their education in Kazan. Before graduation I was looking for, he died only a month.

the red diploma with honors of the world were going long. But I have not seen. The diploma was awarded to her parents. However it lacks the registration number and print — Light not managed to pass the state exams.

“Show – Light, it is necessary to hold the syringe so. She was one of the first to say: look at me so? All clear, competently, it all worked almost the first time,” recalls Tatyana Kurochkina, a teacher of nursing.

Volunteer work of the world engaged with the first course. Helped in orphanages and kindergartens.

“She was one of the initiators of promotion of organ donation. It all students were convinced you will save someone’s life. Sometimes reached 150 people willing to donate blood,” says Irina Yanina, Director of Karsun medical College named after V. V. Tikhomirov.

the Story of the selfless volunteer in a small village became famous throughout the country during the communication of the President with volunteers of the campaign “We are together”.

Relatives of the girl tell us that they are now calling hundreds of people who admit that example Lights changed their attitude to life.

“guy Called and said that after he learned about it, too, became a volunteer,” — said Elvira Krylova, sister Svetlana.

Today the name Svetlana Anufrievoy in Ulyanovsk named medical College, and the honorary badge for contribution to the development of the volunteer movement.