Volunteers asked Putin to resolve the search for the missing geo

Kaluga volunteers-rescuers asked Putin to allow the search for the missing geo. Online meeting with the President was held yesterday. The teleconference was attended by volunteers from Kaluga. Obninsk, Zhukovsky and other areas.

a Few suggestions for improvements and search activities in our country expressed Kaluga volunteers. According to GTRK “Kaluga”, aired on the channel “Russia 1”, the boys offer to look for the missing, using geolocation. While this method is available only with the permission of the court.

in addition, the representative of the Kaluga branch of the “Liza Alert” Grigory Sergeyev told — what else were you talking with the head of state. So, the question was about the allocation of funds to voluntary centres for teaching beginners search for people, optimizing technical support, as well as the creation of a Federal database. In General, Vladimir Putin stressed how important the work of volunteers and promised to assist in the proposed directions.

Text: GTRK “Kaluga”