Volunteers who have experienced a vaccine COVID-2019, fever and headache

In Sechenovskiy University spoke about the well-being of volunteers affected by a vaccine against coronavirus. The first 18 people received the drug on June 18.

“In the first hours some of them were observed a minimum post-vaccination reactions — low-grade fever, headache, etc., which during the day was self-docked” — reported “Interfax” the press service of the University.

According to the Director of the Center for clinical studies of medicines sechenovskiy University Elena Smolyarchuk, the response to vaccination in humans was standard, and now all the study participants feel good. 23 June, Teens were vaccinated another 20 volunteers.

the University has said that the testers at the time of the study placed in the chambers of the Scientific and practical center of interventional Cardioangiology, to minimize the risk of external infection coronavirus infection. All contacts with other individuals for them are excluded. To its usual way of life, they will be able to return in 28 days after vaccination. To monitor the health of volunteers doctors for another 6 months.