Vorobyov in the suburbs introduce penalties for the lack of human masks

Important news for residents of the Moscow region from 23 may on the territory of the region cancel digital pass. This was announced by the Governor Andrei Vorobyov. But the people of the region should remember that Moscow is in the transmission mode is maintained. The Governor in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 24” told what the restrictions will be lifted in the suburbs next week, and as organized by the regional payments to physicians.

— Andrey, Hello. Now that the coronavirus in the Moscow region? How busy hospitals, many critically ill patients?

— We have stabilised the number identifying patients with coronavirus order 890-920. This is lower than last week was (900-1000). There is a decrease in hospitalization, high extract. We have a day bed is added from 20 to 50 people. Before the figures were 300, 200 and 150 people per day. The health system was under terrible strain. Now the situation is more stable, but to say that there are no risks, we can’t. Obviously, to relax or to do some acts of negligence are inadmissible.

Medical very concerned about the issue of cash payments — who will pay and how much. In this sense, what is the situation in the Moscow region?

— There is a presidential payout, second payout — Federal, third is a regional payment. All three brought to the medics. It is about 28 thousand people, those who had contact with COVID-19 or those who are faced with SARS on a regional payment or pneumonia. We not only consider every complaint made by hand, but made a calculator. Every doctor, every nurse, the driver can actually calculate how much he put. We have made this process completely transparent, so that in any case not to offend the doctor, the nurse, staff who are involved in this work.

— The citizens are waiting for further restrictions. Do you expect any easing of the regime?

Tuesday— we’ll pass. But if you follow to the capital, then, accordingly, you will have to validate a pass. In the suburbs you can go without it.

We are tightening mask mode. If you have strictly recommendatory norm predicted only remark, now we introduce a penalty for what the person appears without a mask.

of Course, if the pass is cancelled, you can go out. But again, mass meetings, anything that involves a crowd of people, must be eliminated. We have closed playgrounds still, we leave it and don’t open the parks because it is potentially a high risk of catching a coronavirus, this disease. We work very carefully and gradually.

— Andrey, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.