Voronezh polar contacted after the fire at the station

One of the participants of the Antarctic expedition of Voronezh Yury Mizin was released on bond after a fire at the station “Mirny”. We will remind, the incident occurred on June 21. At this point, on the object were two polar explorers from the Voronezh region. As a result of fire was destroyed the unique equipment installed in the Radio House. What station was literally cut off from the outside world. This was reported by “News of Voronezh” has aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”.

Polar Explorer said that he and his colleagues in order. Details of the fire, he promised to tell after returning from Antarctica. Currently, researchers continue to restore the workflow at the station.

Hurricane winds blew the fire broke out from the Radio House. As a result, the flames had reached the wardroom. Explorers escaped through a fire escape. None of them was hurt. After an emergency, the staff provided other facilities provided heat and required products.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that due to hurricane patients with COVID-19 at the hospital of Voronezh were left without a computer tomograph. According to the preliminary version, the instrument is burned down during a thunderstorm.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”