Voted three times: a Russian woman from Israel threatens

a Resident of Israel Yael Ilinski who is a citizen of Russia, reported that were able to vote on three amendments to the Constitution. In addition, the newsletter gave even her minor daughter. If the facts of repeated voting are confirmed, the woman could face a large fine or imprisonment up to four years.

Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev said that the vote abroad is safe. According to him, the procedure is designed for the conscientious person who wants to Express their point of view.

Bulaev noted that if the fact of quadruple voting will be documented, then there is a preliminary agreement. A Russian woman living in Israel, faces a significant fine or up to four years in prison.

Deputy Chairman of the CEC also told RIA Novosti that the Commission compares databases abroad and is able to calculate those who are able to vote repeatedly.

Yael Ilinsky told what to vote, she was able in electronic form, as well as in person at the Russian Embassy in tel Aviv and the Consulate in Haifa. Previously, a similar situation told journalist Pavel Lobkov, who was able to vote twice — the first time at a polling station for the second time online.