Voted twice: the ballot box with the ballot Lobkova was sealed, and the vote annulled

Bulletin journalist Pavel Lobkov, who voted twice for the amendment to the Constitution annulled. Will be taken into account only his electronic voice.

Deputy Chairman of Mothersurname Dmitry Reut told that the deliberate attempt to vote twice, the journalist faces a fine of thirty thousand rubles. Also, the Commission will check the area where the incident occurred, on the subject of undeleted e-voters.

Dmitry Reut told that currently the urn was thrown newsletter Lobkova, sealed, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier it became known that the journalist of “Rain” was able to vote twice on amendments to the Constitution. The first time he did it on his land in Moscow for the second time online. According to the rules, those who signed up for electronic voting, must be removed from the voting lists at their polling station.

the CEC Chairman Nikolai Bulaev said that they will deal with this situation. According to him, this could be the case if someone in good faith has not fulfilled their duties.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that the results of the voting on the amendments to the Constitution must be absolutely reliable.