Voting on amendments is gaining momentum across the country

Russia is continuing a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution, including standing democracy, for example, the extension of the powers of Parliament.

Voting is gaining momentum across the country. That is one of the most remote areas in the middle of the tundra in Chukotka, which have reached the helicopter.

the Will goes on Kizhi island in Karelia. Already decided all the brethren and monks of the island Konevets located in the middle of lake Ladoga. Did not wait for the main day many of the staff of the special astrophysical Observatory in Karachay-Cherkessia. Among those who already voted, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“If we talk about those amendments, which, in my opinion, had to be taken, that is, of course, protection of our historical memory. I talked about this ten or fifteen years ago, offered different laws. And you know that in the laws of many countries of this amendment provided. This applies to European countries. We somehow we until that time whether hesitate, whether that, but life shows that we shouldn’t shy, this should have been done long ago,” — said Shoigu.

Voted, and Ella Pamfilova, at the same time controlling as implemented on the ground requirements of the CPS. Immediately from the polling station she hurries to the next meeting of the CEC. There is daily contact with the regions and discuss a video about all the nuances. A huge role is played by observers who notice any shortcomings. And how meticulously they’re watching, says the Chairman of the CEC, the better.

“Consider observers as our primary very important partners. And tell them a huge “thank you” when they help us to identify our shortcomings. And quickly to fix them. Not offended, not posturing. But there is another side, you’ve got to look, when we try to distract or of all citizens to mislead the different branches of the fake messages about the alleged different kinds of violations. Here it is necessary to rebuff,” — said the CEC head.

In the first two days of voting have already voted more than 21 million people. The total turnout in the country — nearly 20%. Particularly active Tambov oblast, Republic of Tyva, Chukotka. In addition, the Muscovites and residents of Nizhny Novgorod region appreciated the benefits of remote voting.

the layout of the land in the CEC building is a kind of model for the whole country. The strict attention to the observance of sanitary norms. Those wishing to take part in voting more. But the main thing is not the numbers, and trust and legitimacy. And because the stations are open doors for foreign experts.

to Vote, not waiting for July 1, decided and well-known cultural figures. Among them is Eduard Boyakov, artistic Director of the Gorky Moscow art Theater. Expressed their attitude to the amendments of the basic law of the country the legend of the Russian theatre and cinema, the brilliant Mikhail Nozhkin. Voted Director of the Museum-reserve “Chersonese” Elena Morozova and the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko. It is essential for them to preserve the historical memory.

Vote and those who personally participated in the drafting of amendments.

“I think that the privilege that is now being implemented by us, it is very important, because it is not just the implementation of a civil debt, it’s the opportunity to decide the future — their own, their family and their loved ones,” said co-chair of the working group on amendment of the Constitution taliya khabrieva .

Those who still do not fully understand the legal intricacies of the amendment, contact the helpline of VGTRK and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. “The volunteers of the Constitution” together with the famous people, the professional lawyers, experts and clearly explain what are the changes and what are the guarantees of a social nature appear in the basic law.

Not to postpone on then, and couple of Kemerovo. Straight from the registry office heand went to the polling station. An event of national importance was also the fact of their own biographies.