Voting on amendments: the Russian system is unique in the world.

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

amendments to the Constitution of Russia, for which we will vote soon, on 1 July, attracted the attention of the so-called Venice Commission (fully — the European Commission for democracy through law of the Council of Europe). It is a European Advisory body, which deals with the analysis of constitutional norms in the member States of the Council of Europe.

the Venice Commission did not like the amendment to article 79 of the basic law priority provisions of our Constitution over international Treaty provisions if they contradict the Constitution. The Europeans realized: so in fact after July 1, Russia will not carry out the decisions of the European court of human rights (ECHR), the body is not always the host against Russia objective and impartial judgement. And in General would be better advised USA. There was a time not notice any of the international treaties and do what they want. Grab people around the world and put in their prison under American law, a fine of billions for European banks and automakers, tearing the international agreement, as it did with the ABM Treaty, the intermediate range, with a deal on Iran sanctions blackmailing the largest companies in Europe and nobody in Europe even could not do anything with it all to do.

So July 1, Russian citizens themselves will decide what changes to the Constitution to take and what rules should be a priority. Moreover, the pandemic coronavirus proved once again how important for the country, for example, the amendments about the socially oriented state. Of course, no less important and political, because in crisis situations in the country should be a stable government, capable of acting quickly and effectively. President Putin and the government during a pandemic coronavirus just showed such coordinated work. As will be further, nobody knows, but the amendment about the opportunity for Vladimir Putin to run for another presidential term in 2024 will definitely add Russian political system stability, reliability and certainty, and will allow in the coming years at all levels of government to work calmly, not looking at the future elections. And even Vladimir Putin himself will decide whether he will go for a new term. While very important opportunity.

Author: Andrew Grigorev

Marine refrigerator ice class “Harmony” — at the pier a Large Stone, with the mooring attached to the pier, but soon — to two-month Arctic voyage.

the Fishing fleet is voting early. Each ship formed their plot in the wardroom. But the rules are the same for all: mandatory sanitization and PPE.

Vengeance vote on the distant frontier posts of the Arctic.

“Every citizen should vote, because it is an amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. An integral part of our country,” — said the soldier Denis Grechko.

And the ballots and ballot boxes in the far North you have to deliver and helicopters, and boats, and automatic trolley. Here’s one of them carries a Commission in the military part of the Kola Peninsula.

to Vote will have the opportunity every inhabitant of the vast country. Everywhere strictly adhere to health standards.

All of the territorial Commission in the country at the time turned into a kind of warehouse. But by the end of the week all these tools for personal protection try on sections.

Today, within two hours of the day finished accepting applications from those who want to vote at the place of sojourn, it was possible to choose any area in the country. And now we need to generate the General list of voters, not to be confused who is on which plot should come.

“we Have an unprecedented system. Modern, unique in the world for a number of parameters. Not only “Mobile voter”, but many other technology”, — said the head of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova.

According to the latest polls, the date observSiskova a vote, aware of 83%, and 68 is more than two — thirds intend to participate.

“the Main task is what? To vote that no one had any doubt about the validity of the results and the legitimacy,” — said Pamfilova.

Therefore, the counting of votes will be public for him to be able to watch everybody.

here, in the hall of meetings of the CEC will eventually get all information about voting: both full-time and part-time. Maximum openness — even the members of the Central election Commission will see the numbers here on this wall, together with observers and representatives of mass media. On the screens are the results for each region. Here were available and the figures obtained during remote voting, it was allowed to take place in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region. Data is stored in a database, where you can get them only when using simultaneously the seven keys, each of which is independent of the observer.

the System already tested. The participants were asked on the portal to answer the question, what is better, Parking lots or parks, and for burglars prepared even a cash prize.

“hacking Attempt is as a technical control, such as employees. Really created a prize pool of 2 million rubles. In the group we came up with the game developers World of Tanks, I threaten that they will hack all their tanks,” said Alexei Venediktov, the head of the public headquarters for the observation of the vote in Moscow.

But the results and one could not be affected. In the country for the vote, will be watched by up to half a million observers, the CEC entered into an agreement with the presidential Council on human rights, the Public chamber and the housing of volunteers who have launched an information campaign.

across the country, deployed more than three thousand booths, behind which the volunteers of the Constitution explain amendments. What is most important?

"the Most important is to convey to our residents all of the amendments. Most popular — about pensions, about affordable health care also often asked about the integrity of our territory, our state,” said volunteer Irina Politova.

For the amendment and therefore vote in the complex, because only all together they give legal a “reboot” of the country. It and those that relate to the welfare state, mandatory increases in pensions, salaries, health care. And about national identity — the importance of the Russian language, children, traditional marriage, and historical memory. And one in which we are talking about the sovereignty norms on the prohibition on the alienation of Russian territories and foreign nationality to officials. And the amendment to article on the procedure of electing the President, which actually guarantees the stability and balance of power.

“We are talking about the fact that they focus on the development of our country. From the point of view of economic, moral, social, international this is a very good starting point for the development of all sides”, — said Pavel Krasheninnikov, co-chair of the working group on amendments and the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

the Public chamber of the fixes that this week the number of fake messages about voting has increased six-fold. This, for example, made-up articles stating that the vote does not need a passport or what the plots will not be allowed observers. And the original sources of most lunavista are abroad.

“Very actively used to promote political content platform tik-Tok. Worldwide, this entertaining short video, where dancing, singing and fooling around, but in Russia it is also a delivery channel of political messages, with a negative connotation and false,” said Alexander Malkevich, Chairman of the Public chamber Commission on development of information community, media and mass communications.

“what we are trying to undermine that is fake, proving that we have crafted amendments and procedure. When there is no real claims, then you have to invent a fake”, — said Andrei Klishas, a co-chair of the working group on amendments and the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Each message is tracked for the dissemination of false information relies criminal penalties. And everything that happens around the nationwide voting, holding special control General Prosecutor’s office.

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