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Voting on amendments to the Constitution: the main thing – the safety of citizens

Voting on amendments to the Constitution: the main thing – the safety of citizens

Russia is preparing to vote on amendments to the Constitution. You can participate in any convenient way – remotely, the CEC has taken tens of thousands of applications, or on the site, and is not necessarily the place of residence.

Student Hope Vasileva arrived in Ekaterinburg at the time of the session. By July 1, in his native Magnitogorsk it will not come back, but skip the vote on the amendments to the Constitution is not going to. The girl has already filed an application to participate in the plebiscite on the location. “The state gives us a chance to prove themselves. The Constitution is the Foundation of our life in our state. And I believe that it is necessary to come and Express their opinion,” she says.

for the Sake of saving time and effort the Volgograd Vladimir Bragin also intends to use the procedure of “Mobile voters”. He lives and works now in the center of the city, but spelled out far in the suburbs. An application to transfer to another section taken quickly. Active citizen said: “Five minutes is all clearly comfortable. No delays, no queues. Came — and. July 1 will come and vote in the center.”

to Accept applications for change of place of voting will be until 21 June, and submit the document you can not only personally in the DCP or in the electoral commissions, but remotely. The education Department in the village of Good Lipetsk region Nadezhda Belyaeva says: “No need to go anywhere and to go — just at lunchtime to go to the portal and submit this statement literally for five minutes.”

However, a statement may not approve. According to recommendations of Rospotrebnadzora, in one section should vote no more than 12 people per hour. If the place is too popular, those who are not on registration, will be asked to choose another address. The operator on reception of declarations of vote on the location of Egor Baboshin, says: “We need to watch, based on the log records based on summary reportsTSS people. If taking a statement, we understand that there is a congestion on a section of the election, then we offer the person, roughly speaking, to walk two blocks for his own safety. and vote in another place where less busy”.

Strict adherence to security measures is one of the main tasks for the upcoming vote. Election Commission getting ready. Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Khabarovsk territory Gennady Namesnow emphasizes: “We will provide masks, gloves will give will be treated with antiseptic hands. Will not contacts, passport will not be given into the hands of the member of the Commission, voters at a distance will flip through its pages.”

In the Russian regions have already begun to print ballots. For example, out of the machine Khabarovsk printing out nearly a million forms according to the number of voters in the province. Special paper, multiple levels of protection. “Protective mesh at a specific location on the mesh, but without a lens you can’t see it, there is a special glitch where it says what this newsletter. This is the microtext”, — says the head of the print shop Andrew Savelenko.

In the Irkutsk region the first batch of printed ballots, which is more than 300 thousand forms sent to remote villages. From June 17, there will begin early voting on amendments to the Constitution.