Vujnović: in Russia there is a decrease in the incidence of coronavirus

Author and host of “the View” Evelina Zakamskaya talked with the representative of the world health organization in Russia, Melita Vujnović.

– MS Vujnović, I salute you! Please tell us what is happening today. The head of the world health organization said that before the end of the pandemic is still very far away, and the virus is a disturbing signal the transmission of the virus is accelerating. What does this mean?

– As we often say, Evelyn, and repeated, practically all the time the virus is transferred from person to person and there immune layer, it is impossible to talk about the end of the pandemic. But the pandemic, epidemic — we can manage it. We have 6-month experience. Now almost 6 months from the time when who got the first information from China, which is chain – pneumonia of unconfirmed origin. So 6 months of the epidemic, the pandemic, we see 10 million cases in the world, confirmed. Over half a million people have died from the virus. And of course now, as the virus has moved to the continent of America is accelerating, and what we saw, if you remember, the beginning of the epidemic, there is a month needed for the first 100 thousand, we now see almost 100 thousand in a very short period.

Also disturbing that now the region that we call Eastern-Mediterranean — all of North Africa and the middle East from Morocco to Pakistan — is also now crossed the figure of one million cases. So, of course, wherever there is a population that has not encountered a virus, is expected to increase cases and will need measures to limit the spread of the virus.

– But the concern is that according to the latest statements of scientists immunity against coronavirus is very short-lived. Antibodies disappear after a few months. Lets do it today is to be hoped that the immunity against coronavirus COVID-19 will be acquired by mankind?

– of Course this is a very difficult question. If you look at the influenza virus, the same immunity is not very long, but it depends on what kind of immunity will give the vaccine because it is also necessary to take into account. Even earlier, there is no sufficient experience 6 months only, but will consider anything. In any case, we have a new reality. It is very important to comply with all these measures, which each man individually can be followed to save and his and others health.

– That during those 6 months became aware of the virus? How many versions of this virus, science sees and recognizes today, is the virus deadly?

– As you said, there is a lot of, say, genetic diversity. But really they haven’t changed the efficiency of the virus, how it can go from person to person, affects the organs and lead to death. It hasn’t changed. Depends, of course, from the public, from populations in which the virus travels, but this time not seen big changes. This does not mean that they will not be in the worst or best, you have to look carefully, and these scientists all over the world. And for this it is very important that all of these epidemiological, clinical trial, data on patients who have recovered, who died — going and can share across different research sites, including the world health organization. There is generalized information and advice, and we understand that sometimes confuses that recommendation has changed, but it changes as we change and new understanding, say, the scientific consciousness of how the body and humanity fights the virus.

– I will clarify. That is, the reproductive number of the virus remains the same, four, or?..

– It moves. It moves to 4, but it may be reduced, depending on how epidemiology is. But in any case, when the virus gets into a new environment where there are vulnerable people, Yes, absolutely it goes up to 4.

– last time we talked about the new outbreak Coveney infection in China, in the suburbs of Beijingon. The world health organization sends its experts in order to explore the origin of this virus and this outbreak. What today we know about her? How dangerous it is and whether it is connected with the same virus that was in China at the beginning of the year or is a new penetration of a new strain of the virus?

– it is Necessary to wait, say, a joint mission of experts from the world health organization and China on this issue, including genetics and epidemiology. It will soon be available through the press conference, our CEO, who personally oversees it.

– But according to your observations, right now the outbreak is under control?

– What do you mean the outbreak is under control? If it does not apply to other regions, then I can say Yes. But we need to find everyone who has the infection, one may have no symptoms. Most importantly, the cases do not grow, and that in practice it is possible to stop much faster than when we initially met with the virus.

– Another fire was reported in Germany that is known about him? Can the situation be called the beginning of the second wave COVID? And don’t you think that it is somewhat late here? It’s summer, everyone was expecting her in the fall. Or is it some local nadosadocnuu still the beginnings of the epidemic?

– As we often say, it is not only Germany, there are so many lesions that appear. Most importantly, what is the “second wave”? This means a big splash of a huge number of cases that will expand within the country, and possibly in other countries. We now see that countries very quickly find even such the chain and limit the focus that it doesn’t function. So, if we talk about hotbeds, it’s actually the third scenario, which the who describes. This cluster, these are the cases when almost 90% of all who are infected, it is clear how they were infected. So there is no need to talk about the second wave. You just have to say that, of coursebut if the virus is, if the population is, where a very close contact, not a physical distance, then it is possible to see quickly the chain. The virus will move very quickly, like wildfire. But if you will be able to protect him, to extinguish the fire: to isolate everyone who was in contact with a confirmed case with positive people — then we can prevent or control the epidemic, not to allow a second wave.

– Border open, and gradually begin to resume international flights. In the opinion of the world health organization, how will this affect epidemic situation?

the world health organization works very closely with the International organization for air transport, the recommendations developed and submitted to all carriers. Will require a lot of discipline, care. And of course the risk cannot be excluded, but we hope that joint efforts of all countries and all, say, participants, and carriers, and responsible behavior of people, and really most importantly, no one who has any symptoms, or who knows what was in contact with someone who has symptoms, almost trying to fly somewhere to travel. It will be the most responsible way to prevent the epidemic. Of course, testing, treatment immediately at the onset of symptoms will help limit the risk associated with international travel that we all need, not only for tourism but also for many other things, including recovering economy and international economic relations.

Well, see that you develop jointly recommendations for airport services, for custom, for anyone who transports and international asiakastuki. And what can be done to the passenger? Give some recommendations. How many days need to take a test and what test is best to do? What to bring, antiseptic, mask, and so forth? What measures should to ensure that to prevent infection?

In any case, the world health organization primarily makes recommendations to the health authorities and, say, systems that have to warn. Of course, the recommendations remain the same: this is primarily to comply with all the recommendations or instructions given by the local health authority of the country from which arriving, and the receiving party. Because they have a local risk assessment would be virtually adjusting those things that you asked about the tests and everything else. Of course here we need to the countries recognized test results or be tested upon arrival. Many countries have a two-week quarantine, it all depends on local health authorities and their risk assessment. As for the passengers, of course remains. The most important thing is a good treatment of the hands. When you touched it or wash your hands for 40 seconds with soap and water or sanitizer. Not to touch the face is the most important thing, because here through the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth practically possible to carry the virus. Third, of course, a mask mode, which will be required in all airplanes and airports. But it should be understood that the mask is good if properly used. It means not to infect their dirty hands. The mask not to touch it and have enough masks to be able to change. Because when a mask becomes wet, humid, even if it’s a face mask, it should be changed, and it is right to treat the mask like garbage, which is potentially infected, does it mean to have a bag. But it is very important to follow the instructions that will give airlines, airports and local authorities, because it will be all adapted to local conditions and local risk.

Well, I guess the final question. Melita, tell us about the situation in Russia. How it assesses the world health organization from the point of view of statistics is infected, course of diseases and mortality? Are we at the plateau? Asova the situation now, because if you compare, say, with some countries, including those which are now in the acute phase, well, there is a fixed about the same number of infected, however, where the death rate is higher. Here’s how do the data from Russia for the world health organization now?

– In the last two weeks we have witnessed a further decline in growth cases. Now we have a decrease of minus 15%. If you see our information panel on the European website of the world health organization, there are all these epidemiological calculations is immediately evident. So Russia is on a good track in General. And in Moscow, we also see decreases in the number of cases, but we must be very careful, because the situation may roll in the other direction. It will be very important to continue to prevent the spread of the virus. But the most important is public transport, where a lot of people going, and even when you meet friends and all others must wait. Because we don’t know absolutely, whether a person is healthy or he has an infection that he got somewhere, and he may even be contagious even though no symptoms. How contagious is asymptomatic, it is now very much discussed, but, nevertheless, in any quantity transferred from each person who has the infection. So it is necessary to observe hygienic rules and then, hopefully, further the number of cases will decline. I will say this: I peacefully drink your morning coffee when you get less than 1000 cases in the whole of Russia.

– Thank you for this forecast. Tomorrow in Russia the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. What steps must be followed to this day was the beginning of a new outbreaks? A significant number of voters voted remotely, but, nevertheless, the vote will head to including.

– Evelyn, what I saw of the various programs: very well thought out system of passage of people, disinfection, compliance with all rules. Will certainly it is very important that people who may have symptoms, will use the opportunity of the correspondence and not voting in person. It is very important that they do not approach people. But to be honest, passing on Tverskaya street from the metro station to the red square, I think, a lot more people going without any mask or other mode. So the risk in Tver, perhaps much higher. Of course it was a joke. I congratulate all with the holiday and happy belated 75th anniversary and tomorrow. Of course, we must respect all the rules of hygiene and physical distance. We recommend it constantly, and we hope that all goes well.