The electric Bulli doesn’t really have anything to say in the new Volkswagen commercial. The droids R2D2 and C3PO try to start a conversation with the ID.Buzz. The car responds with a light signal with its headlights.

With the video, the automotive group Volkswagen is entering the world of Star Wars again. At the start of the Disney series Obi-Wan Kenobi there is a large joint advertising offensive with Lucasfilm and suitable special models of the electric vehicle.

In addition to the robots, Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor also plays in the first spot. The Wolfsburg-based company hired him as a “brand ambassador” and brought him onto the stage at the presentation of the ID.Buzz at the beginning of March.

The connection between Star Wars and Volkswagen is not new. 11 years ago, the company advertised its cars in the United States with a commercial related to the space saga.

Back then, in the film, a little boy dressed up as Darth Vader tried to use the “force” to move things. Which he didn’t succeed in – until he arrived in front of the family’s new Passat, whose indicators his father could use a remote control to light up from inside the house. At that time an innovative technology.

The spot ran in front of an audience of millions at the Super Bowl. And it was then parodied: The environmental organization Greenpeace shot its own sequel. In it, little Darth Vader is portrayed by children with lightsabers dressed as rebels.

Then a Death Star with the Volkswagen logo appears over the house – and shoots down to earth. Greenpeace criticized at the time that Volkswagen was using lobbying to slow down global climate protection policy.

It was only years later, after the diesel scandal, that the group switched to the line of the Paris World Climate Conference. Today, with its electric models, VW is a pioneer when it comes to climate protection – but in 2021 it still sold 95 percent of cars with petrol or diesel engines.

The old films still have an impact today. Among analysts, the electric offensive of the Wolfsburg company and its competition against Tesla was sometimes given the motto: “The empire strikes back.”

Where by empire VW was meant. Now the group obviously wants to come to the light side of power. Along with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The 51-year-old McGregor clearly belongs to the “Generation Golf” – who grew up with the Star Wars films. The cooperation not only brings together two global brands, but also generations of fans, said VW Sales Director Klaus Zellmer.

At the Volkswagen Annual General Meeting, a shareholder questioned the role of the “brand ambassador” and the costs involved. In his answer, Ralf Brandstätter, head of the VW brand, did not reveal how much money McGregor received for the commitment.

However, the actor is a “confessed fan” of VW, owns several classic cars from the brand and can “support the company in its important expansion in the US market”.

In addition, he will probably show up more often with the manufacturer’s electric cars in the future. In the commercial, Obi Wan Kenobi drives home from the film set with his ID.Buzz instead of on a speeder bike.

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