“You wanted to tell and convey, but you did not hear” — farewell and meaningful post on the page close friend Alena Verdi. The same one that, posing as a plastic surgeon, mutilated patients in Krasnodar. And now, as it became known, and she died in one of the Cuban clinics.

he came To the hospital a few weeks ago, all this time spent in a coma. The defender discredit leadactor hints — say, Verdi’s “peck”. So she just “walked off”. And, importantly, was hospitalized a woman just a few days before the first hearing, where she is the main defendant.

Could receive real term for the provision of services, “inadequate security.” Officially, the victims – seven. All after plastic correction in the Krasnodar clinic — terrible injuries. For that, in fact, Verdi was even nicknamed “Dr. Frankenstein”. As now, the victims will get justice? And how come that the accused died?

Alena Verdi died in the Krasnodar clinic and does not come under judgment. Theories why — some. Official — none. It allegedly found at home unconscious, was urgently taken to the hospital, hooked up to a ventilator. But could not save. According to unconfirmed reports, the body found a huge dose of insulin.

“the Investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Krasnodar region upon the death of 38-year-old woman is under investigation verification. During the test, set all the circumstances of the incident”, — commented the assistant administrator of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory Anna Pushkin.

the day before the hospital Alain Verdi was at the beauty salon, which did not hide, put up a photo in social networks. A gross violation of house arrest. Which court, by the way, I agreed immediately. Until February lieferung was in jail. And yet the measure of restraint softened.

“it was affected by including information that Alyona Verdi pregnant. The court, of course, were understanding and chose the measure of restraint to softer. The court will be provided with medical documents of which will be clear if she was pregnant, and accurate information was reported to the court about her situation,” — said the lawyer of the victim, Anastasia Ismailova Andrei Taran.

In the life of Alena Verdi (or Antonina Gorbunova) truth and falsehood went hand in hand. In 2013, she decided to become a surgeon. Bought fake diploma, went modest practice in Dnipropetrovsk and went to Russia. Operated in a private clinic Krasnodar, and then at home, periodically purchasing fake diplomas in the specialties “surgery”, “neurosurgery” and “plastic surgery”. One of her patients after a failed nose correction still corrects consequences.

“It can be corrected, but very difficult. You need a fence from the ribs of the cartilage, forming a new nose since I have it dipped and was lower than the original. I’m really scared because it was spooky anesthesia in which I was 8 hours. Of course, I now have a fear of anesthesia,” says victim by the name of John.

Anastasia Ismailova — another victim of “Dr. Frankenstein”. Every day she is fighting for the health. Behind two of operation, tomorrow he will be hospitalized again. And you have to fight back, and even attacks in social networks. Anonymous blame her for the death of Alena Verdi, alleged that she has brought.

“She wrote to me from prison, blaming. Wrote that will not sit, and will humbly lying in the ground. I don’t know why her support now I’m being bullied. I have over two years of this persecution. From her, from her support. Although I never hunted,” explains the victim Anastasia Ismailova.

Her beautiful life ended in 2017. Killed the patient. Verdi only paid the fine in 150 thousand ruBley and continued practice. Since then, seven more were injured. And finally the arrest. Guilty Verdi had to admit. And on the court, most likely, the case will be closed. And the clinic where you had surgery Verdi, could escape punishment. Running bankruptcy proceedings.

“Our Investigative Committee will take this point under control, and we will be able to punish the hospital management, because they took Alena Dmitrievna to work, without checking its documents. I think it will be a little harder now to fight without Alyona Dmitrievna, because the hospital management may be to shift all the blame on her. And, as they say, no body — no case”, — says the victim named Christine.

will the results of the examination. And, most of all, we learn how the death of Alain Verdi. But those who suffered from her hands, it is not so important. Their life will never be the same. All of what they want the victims to return if not beauty, then at least health.