Walks, visits to the doctor, and secure voting: Vorobyov told about the easing of restrictive measures in the suburbs

you can Reach the cafe, dine on the veranda before heading to the Museum or look at a shop – have the region’s residents more options to diversify their leisure. What restriction is removed in the area on Monday, said Mikhail Zelensky, the TV channel “Russia 1” the Governor Andrei Vorobyov.

— I Think it’s something from a past life. Not delivery, not takeout, and already forgotten in the two months of the ritual is to sit down at a table, drink coffee or just have lunch away from home. Friday in the suburbs are open summer terraces and cafes and restaurants. Moscow region returns to normal dekorativnoi life, but so far, no shopping.

— Globally we are currently not able to access shopping centres, is of concern to us and we, in a good sense, “at war” with the chief sanitary doctor because everyone is doing their job. And the chief sanitary doctor, why does not open? Because of the fear of the spread of coronavirus. The gross regional product of Moscow region 25% is trade, for us, of course, to run it is crucial!

Shopping centers in the suburbs must earn 25 June – still no food courts and cinema halls. 10 days earlier, that is, already Monday, open museums, photo studios, driving schools and car sharing. Educational institutions start accepting. Artists of theaters and circuses can begin rehearsals. In General, it will be removed most of the restrictions. Remain closed until the sanatorium, but without them the stay in Moscow possible.

— first, are not going anywhere, anywhere you get quarantined. You interested in 14 days to sit in quarantine? We try in every city to prepare a place for walks, in order to walk the family comfortable, safe. And we see that people like it very much!

— But the virus has not disappeared, that is why doctors ask to limit contact and not to forget about the masks in a public placefear.

Testing shows that 700-750 people per day we identify. But, Michael, and testing is growing every week – up to 20 thousand tests per day PCR plus ELISA tests and rapid tests. Therefore, the identify is, and, thank God, most have the disease in a mild form.

— a Number of heavy patients that require constant monitoring and emergency is reduced. But because COVID-hospitals can gradually return to the normal operating mode, resume the planned hospitalization. But part of the coronavirus hospitals, including temporary hospitals in the Park “Patriot” and “Crocus Expo” decided to save.

We are acting as this geographical principle: everywhere – North, South, West, East – est “covenyi bed,” we leave them to “the ends do not shake” so the routing was the most efficient, most convenient.

Monday in the Moscow region opened a dental clinic. The clinic has now returned to the normal operating mode, however, under the new rules. Input – only masks, temperature control and a half-hour recording interval to specialists. The room need to process after each patient. Together with other spheres to recovery moves, and the economy of the region at which the coronavirus caused a heavy blow.

— a lot of money was aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19: for protective clothing, on the bed, on oxygen, on the equipment, payments to those who could not work, and those who saved lives. I think almost 40-50 billion will cost us struggle with COVID in the complex, and the same amount we underpaid taxes. Therefore, it is very important to choose the most rational way to invest more in infrastructure. Interchanges, and roads, kindergartens, schools, and children’s hospital.

And ahead of the main event in the life pageAna, which defines our future: 25th of June in Moscow begins voting on amendments to the Constitution, and the need to ensure maximum safety.

We do it in the most comfortable mode. Those who are at home, we will come to him, and whoever wants to come to the polling station, can easily do 1 Jul. We very much hope that the vast majority of the region’s residents will find the time comes, will vote for the guarantees in the basic law, for all the things that it fixed – and social security and the integrity of the state, and family values, and stability, which is of decisive importance in this difficult time.