War monuments continues in Britain dismantled the statue of the founder of the scout movement

In the British city of Bournemouth dismantle the monument to the military leader and founder of the scout movement Robert Baden-Powell.

the Chairman of the local city Council Vicki Slade said that some aspects of his life “are considered unworthy of memory.” She also fears that the statue could provoke “social unrest or anti-social behaviour”. “We are removing the statue, so we can properly engage with all relevant communities and groups in discussions about her future,” she said.

Earlier in the UK held a rally in memory of the deceased in the United States African American George Floyd. In some cities, the protests turned into riots. Thus, the radicals caused the racist inscription on the monument to Winston Churchill in London, and in Bristol piled with pedestal and threw into the Bay the monument to the philanthropist and MP Edward Colston.

according to RIA Novosti, British activists have made a list of monuments to be demolished, and streets, schools and other institutions that you want to rename. On the website Topple The Racists (“tear Down the racist”) there are names of former premiers of the country William Gladstone and Robert peel, navigators James cook and Francis Drake.

the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced the creation of the Commission, which will examine the capital’s monuments, street names, images, plaques and other memorials. If mentioned these people were connected with the slave trade, a memorial plaque will be removed, and the monuments demolished.

Meanwhile, in the United States declared war monuments of Christopher Columbus. Protesters in St. Paul demolished the statue of Columbus, speaking thus against racism in the United States. In Boston, the monument to the discoverer of the American continent were beheaded.